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The de-brief after my first Djangofest NW experience

BillyBobBillyBob Graham, WaNew
edited September 2008 in Archtop Eddy's Corner Posts: 53
After my first experience with other GJ players, I wanted to let you all know what I thought, and would like to hear your thoughts as well, along with any advice or commentary that would make my next years stay even more pleasurable (if that's even possible!)

1. My fingertips are pretty tender. I expected that. My workweek leading up to DFNW didn't allow much time to toughen them up.

2. The overall camraderie between the players in the Djams I was involved in. Met alot of very cool folks. Can't say I saw any real jerks.

3. I need to learn the chords for the standard songs everyone was playing. I need to play chords period.

4. Man cannot live on grilled bratwurst, potato chips, beer, and coffee for more than 2 days. If I do that again, I'll make sure I have a NASA diaper on for the drive home.

5. My clinic with Sebastian Giniaux was disappointing. Didn't get alot out of it. But the dude can play.

6. My clinic with Gonzalo Bergara was alot better, and I ended up with the hand-written sheets he created during the clinic. Some stuff I already knew, the other stuff will help my improv tremendously.

7. I need to practice more. And better.

8. Most of the people I talked to have been playing in this style considerably longer than I have, so I have some fresh hope of getting better at it with time and practice.

9. I'll be back next year, Lord willing. Hopefully with some more to bring to the Djammin' table.
Just your average Djoe.


  • AdelaarvarenAdelaarvaren Ballard, WA, USANew
    Posts: 172
    It was my first one as well, and I had a wonderful time!

    1) my fingers are feeling it a little bit, but frankly I'm so obsessed that I play every day. Literally. So, they are pretty tough... It is what I do instead of TV, which is what the average american does in the evening after work....

    2) Agreed! People who were so much better than I still had loads of patience, and that was super nice :)

    3) I'm pretty much just on the Pompe unless I'm with total beginners, as it has been said to me many times, "pompe for a few years, and then try to take a solo".

    4) Grand total of 2 beers over the two days, and I discovered the salads at the Mercantile downtown. Check it out next year, you can vary your options ;)

    5) I think the problem there was the discrepancy in level.... That's why I didn't take it - I had the gut feeling it would be really up there. I know at least three of the people in the room have played at least semi-professionally in other styles. They were very advanced! Speaking to a couple of them afterwards, they were pleased with the experience. I'd say that in the future, it would be great if the DFNW folks could rank the courses in terms of level required. My wife went to one that was for her a total waste of time, but for the opposite reason, the level was very much aimed at beginners and she pretty much didn't learn anything.

    I've noticed that for the Dennis Chang workshops coming up in Portland he has stated that he would prefer that one video tapes the session so that if one doesn't understand something, one can go back and look later rather than have everyone else wait while he explains something for just one person.

    6) Didn't go to this workshop, but his show on Saturday was absolutely awesome. He's definitely got a new fan!

    7, 8, & 9) Amen, Amen, and Amen


    Looking forward to Presse tonight....
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