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Favorite strings?

PolkatPolkat Chico, CANew
edited October 2008 in Violin Posts: 119
Knowing full well that different strings sound different on different violins (Ha! Three differents!) who likes what strings and why?
Violin's swing the best!


  • FlatfiveFlatfive Sonora, CANew
    Posts: 9
    I have used the Thomastic Dominants for 30 years. I like them alot. My only complaint would be that they wear out (especially the A string) from sliding around. Keeping fingernails short helps with that. Oh, another issue is their cost. $40/set. I recently tried the Prim strings and found them to be smaller diameter (different feel) brighter and less expensive. ($20) They also stayed sounding good for about a year!. Depending on the fiddle in question, either set should be good. The Dominants are known for their dark, mellow sound.

    You're from Chico? Do you go to the Strawberry Music festival in Yosemite? I do and there is a pretty good sized swing contingent there both in the spring and fall.
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