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Customer review: Manouche Modele Jazz

SalieriSalieri Europe, Romania✭✭✭
Before a week, I ordered a Manouche Modele Jazz and after a few hours guitar arrived. I'm very proud owner of it. First of all, i must say thanks to Tony and John for the good price and for helping me, and I want to say that this sirs is very friendly and understanding ! I'm very impressed for this guitar and i highly recommend this guitars. Not only is super guitars, but people from Manouche Guitars it's very helpfuly, great and they respects the customers. This is my first gypsy guitar and i'm very glad because I got it.'s very easy to play on this guitar, sounds loud, have a good "gypsy tone". And I like that the guitar remains in tune for long time. I thought that is hard to accomodate with this guitar after playing much time on classical guitar, but I adapted immediately. It's more easier that I've been thinking.

I realise that is big differences between classical guitars and gypsy guitars. For example, this guitar have the neck bit smaller toward classical guitar and not very thick.

It looks like a vintage Selmer guitar. I'm not expert, but I really like that.

Again: Highly recommended !

I'm planning to make recordings after a few months, and then make a trio. But, when i make recordings i will post them.

Here is a few photos with my guitar (Click on thumbs to zoom):

th_DSC04033.jpg th_DSC04035.jpg th_DSC04036.jpg
th_DSC04037.jpg th_DSC04039.jpg th_DSC04041.jpg th_DSC04043.jpg

Sorry for the lightning quality and reflexions and sorry for my bad english, if is it.

Thanks again to Tony and John !

- Stefan.
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  • Michael BauerMichael Bauer Chicago, ILProdigy Selmers, Busatos and more…oh my!
    Posts: 1,002

    I am happy to hear that you found a guitar you love. I have two Manouches (Modele Jazz and Modele Orchestre) and love them both! Congratulations on your new guitar. Enjoy every note.

    I've never been a guitar player, but I've played one on stage.
  • maxmax SwedenNew
    Posts: 27
    Congratulations Stefan!

    If you do not mind I´ll share my thoughts too..

    I´ve also recently got my Jazz model.

    I do agree with you, John and Tony were
    really nice to deal with and very helpful indeed,
    Possibly the nicest people I´ve ever bought a
    instrument from ( I own about 25 guitars)

    The looks of the guitar is 100%, and unbelievable for the money!

    John also did a absolute stunning job on the setup of
    my guitar, perfect! It intonates really well.

    I have owned a Pierre Beucher, Gitane 255, Suzuki, Castelluccia
    and a Jacques Favino and the manouche is the best gypsy
    guitar I´ve owned.

    It is not however the best gypsy guitar i have played.

    My only concerns regarding at least my guitar is that the neck
    and headstock is too heavy, it does not really let the guitar
    resonate (vibrate? not sure about the english word for it) as well
    as it could potentially do. That said the tone is not bad at all,
    in fact the tone is really good, but potentially i think it could be
    just a tiny bit better..

    And to be fair, Tony have offered me to change it if I´m not
    100% happy with the instrument, and that a new lighter
    design of the neck might come in the future, so until then I´ll
    keep on using the one I´ve got.

    I´ve seen other posts here claiming the manouche is just a blinged up
    gitane. At least my manouche does not look or sound anything close
    to my DG 255 - it´s a far more serious instrument.
  • SalieriSalieri Europe, Romania✭✭✭
    Posts: 97
    Looks great ! Glad you love Manouche Guitars.
    Visit my YouTube profile:
    Vive Django!
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