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Acoustic amps for GJ guitars

FingersFingers Los Angeles, California...the ValleyNew
Has anyone tried a Fender Acoustasonic or a Fishman Loudbox with a Gypsy guitar, say with a Bigtone or Stimer in it?


  • Tele295Tele295 San Buenaventura (Latcho Drom), CA✭✭✭ Gitane DG300, D500
    Posts: 629
    I think a Stimer would be better through a regular Fender amp, like a Deluxe Reverb. That pickup isn't designed for an acoustic tone.

    I'm sorry I can't help you with the Bigtone
    Jill Martini Soiree - Gypsy Swing & Cocktail Jazz
  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    Tele's right, A Fender Pro Junior is a great match with the Stimer and portable enough.
    For the bigtone a Roland ac60 is OK if you can't afford the AER.
    It's just my opinion, I look for a good compromise between size /weight and sound /power... if an amp is too heavy i don't care if it sounds like heaven carrying that around to gigs is going to be hell.
  • FingersFingers Los Angeles, California...the ValleyNew
    Posts: 52
    Thanks guys.

    I am very curious about this Fishman LoudBox. It has a bunch of good features-two channels, one with XLR and each channel has a dedicated effects loop.

    I am certain from all I have read that it will sound good with the usual pickup systems available for acoustics today..... I was just keen to find out how it sounds with a Gypsy Jazz guitar with a Bigtone.

    Interesting about the Stimer being better suited to a regular Fender Comb. Makes sense as it is a regular magnetic rather than a piezo.
  • constantineconstantine New York✭✭✭✭ stringphonic
    Posts: 454
    Prior to buying a PA, I used the loudbox and thought it sounded very good. I also compared it side by side with an Ultrasound amp, known for a great "acoustic" sound. The two amps sounded nearly identical. The loudbox is also louder than hell!
  • FingersFingers Los Angeles, California...the ValleyNew
    Posts: 52
    Nice Constantine.....were you using a Bigtone on your guitar?
  • constantineconstantine New York✭✭✭✭ stringphonic
    Posts: 454
    No I used a fishman undersaddle piezo thing and later a magnetic pickup
  • The LosThe Los San DiegoNew
    Posts: 71
    I did a gig not too long ago and a buddy of mine had a Fishman. He was using an Audio-Technica Pro70 mic. It sounded very natural. I was jealous!
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