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  • Buco 8:21PM

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good preamp & monitor or dedicated acoustic amp?

Does anyone use (or have tried) a good 2-channel preamp (k&K quantum, dtar solstice, radial something-or-other are the ones I found) paired with a good monitor like an fbt verve 8ma? It seems like this may achieve really good results. The whole amp research thing is making my head spin a little bit. One good thing about amps is they're all-in-one, whereas the above setup has 2 parts to carry around. The advantage of the above rig could be volume and tone per pound of gear. I've heard those fbt verves can crank out some sound; the 8ma is only around 20lbs.


  • constantineconstantine New York✭✭✭✭ Cyril morin
    Posts: 480
    I think you will benefit from a preamp with any amp that you use. I use the radial tonebone PZ-Pre, its amazing. I had used the LR baggs para DI before and that was a very good preamp too. The Radial has insane controls for dealing with any "room". I also used the fishman, and I thought it was "ok".
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