Schertler Pickup and Unico Amp Question

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My problem is this;
I have a D-hole guitar and a unico and schertler pickup. When I set up the whole marriage of the three in small room or carpeted place the amp, pickup, and guitar sound like heaven.
Then when I play in larger room or spacious area the whole thing (my guitar, unico, pickup) sounds just awful--as if I have playing an electric guitar in an underground cave. Can anyone please share the best way to go about finding a way to solve the problem?
(my usual way of setting things if to have no reverb, the reson knob in the middle, and I place the other treble and bass knobs in the middle and adjust those to find a pleasant tone. Also I place the schertler about a centimeter away from the bridge near the tailpiece)



  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    Hard to say what the problem is.....maybe you ARE actually playing in a cave...or a room that sounds like one. After all, the room effects so much of the sound.

    One thing that will help is to find the sweet spot on your guitar. Maybe have a friend play your guitar while you move the pu around like a stethoscope...that way you can hear all the different sounds. In most cases the closer to the foot of the bridge the better. I put mine right next to the actually touches it.If I move it an inch it sounds totally different.

    You should only use the reson control if you're having feedback. You might also try the low frequency cut might be getting some low frequency build up for some reason.

    Good luck!

  • d-nationd-nation San FranciscoNew
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    Thanks guys for the speedy responses! I will take your words to work and tinker with all the possible factors. I was hoping for a secret formula that might exist in the unico manual but a hunch told me it wasn`t going to be so easy. I will keep you guys posted with the results if I figure out a personal system for the problem.
    Thanks again and all the best!
    Viva Bireli!
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