greg ruby and pearl django playalong

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hey greg ...
I kept trying to post under this topic but could not discover a 'post reply' box in that area ...

that being said let me say how great this book is. I started with Vol 1 and 2 of the Robion nolan series, OK but some of the voicings were getting me into trouble with players in a group setting. Got Colin cossimini Vol 1 & 2 .. great for getting a lot of material and finding more suitable voicings than the Nolan books .... but ... I really love your stuff... for the guy/girl (i know there's a female .. besides Shelly out there somewhere who p[lays this stuff) who has gone past beginning Pomp and needs tight rhythm backing tracks, along with reasonable lead lines to follow and the added intros and outros will find this book satisfying ...

when is Vol 2 coming out ???

Cheers and Kudos for producing that play-along ...
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  • gregrubygregruby Moderator
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    I am glad you find the P.D. play-along useful and fun. I really enjoyed transcribing all the material...especially Dudley Hill's chord melody work. There is nothing quite like it. He was an entire horn section rolled into one guitar. We will all miss him.

    Stay tuned to for forthcoming releases.

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