Gitane D-500 or Cigano GJ-15 Wanted

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I'm on the hunt for a D-500. I played one at Elderly Music in MI and just can't get the tone out of my head. Let me know if you have one you might be thinking about selling.


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    Annnnd after some extensive reading on the site I'm also open to a Cigano GJ-15. I have my funds in PayPal and can give you my Paypal user id so you can check my trader rating. Meanwhile I'll keep pouring over this great site!!
  • constantineconstantine New York✭✭✭✭ Cyril morin
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    If you like the Cigano try
    Only $330 !....Its a great price!!! ... GJ-15.html
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    I'm pretty close to getting the Cigano but I'm holding out for something that is already tweaked. All my money is in paypal so that is my only limiting factor. I'm located in Nashville in case I have any neighbors on this board with something in the closet. I'm being patient, a rare thing for me.
  • PassacagliaPassacaglia Madison, WI✭✭✭✭
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    Billy, sorry if I'm naive - but have you tried contacting Michael, if interested in the Cigano, and trying to pay via PP? Not sure if he'd be up for it, but might be worth a try.

    I personally think the Cigano is a great deal - a great value, for the money spent. Played it very briefly, but remember thinking how dry the sound the time, used to acoustic dreadnoughts only, I remember thinking, too dry a tone. But I'd been off all playing for decades, and had only started playing again (and just begun gypsy playing, literally). Having worked pretty hard for my re-entry into playing, I'd love the chance to pick the Cigano up again, to hear the differences from when I first picked it up.

    pas encore, j'erre toujours.
  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    We can accept paypal if need be.

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    One of the users has a satin gloss top D-500 and I'm waiting to hear back from him.
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    You could try at Gruhn's guitars, I know they have some gypsy guitars, I just can't remember which exactly.

    Also, I go to MTSU in Murfreesboro and I'm a jazz guitar major...wanna jam sometime?
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    I was headed that way yesterday but called in advance. They had a couple of high dollar GJs but nothing in my range. Super nice folks there though.
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    DING DING DING - My guitar is handled. It's an early model D-500 that one of the members here has gigged with. It does not have the gloss finish but more of a gj-15 finish. I asked if it was an older model and he says it has a 3 digit serial number. I'm actually a fan of the reverby sound so this should be a nice mix of the D-500 and the GJ-15. It has a new Dupont bridge and a new tail piece. I'm stoked!
    Thanks for all the help, I have learned a lot on this board and will be around to help develope my GJ style. You guys rock!
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