Trade your Selmer Maccaferri Clone for a e-commerce website?

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I truly hope this is the right place for this post. I'd hate to upset anyone. If so, my apologies.
I am a professional web developer and a budding Gipsy Jazz player.

As a developer, I specialize in CMS (Content management systems - web sites that are easily updated by a non technical person), E-commerce (ditto for the ease of use) and Community based (think "facebook clone).

I am looking for a good Gipsy Guitar Maker in need of a professional web site that would be willing to trade a brand new e-commerce website (with additional bells and whistles) for a Selmer-Maccaferri clone.

I would be glad to provide sample of my work (I built over a 100 CMS or E-commerce sites over the years) and make a straight up trade with anyone that is as good as making Gipsy guitars as I am making websites.

If anyone is interested, please email me at (Change the -AT- for a @).

Even if you already have a site you are happy with, I can ways add a new generation shoopiping cart to it or even reproduce the design and add features like user forums, community scripts, and other interactive features using your present design.

My own guitar collection was recently stolen and the insurance money proved barely enough to buy a bit more than half my previous collection (Including a George Benson Ibanez, a vintage Dobro, a vintage solid body and so on). A selmer-Maccaferri clone, not made in China, would be a very nice addition to my new collection.

To give you an idea of the value of my offering, there are the price ranges I offer:

"Brochure site: $1500 to $2500 - this is a non e-commerce site that can be easily maintained by anyone that knows how to write an email. It can have hundreds of web 2.0 features (web 3.0 by now)
like interactive pages, community forums, catalog, blogs, etc.

E-commerce site: As above but with the addition of a world class shopping cart or catalog that will take transactions with paypal or credit card (Some of the credit card features have to be purchased by the owner though. It's just the way it works)

Community Based sites - $3500 to $7000: As above with the addition of a community component. Think "Facebook" but themed to your own community and with the ability to have users interact to each other.

Thank you for your interest and for reading this post.

I apologize if somehow anyone finds this post too brazen. It is not my intention to offend anyone.

Marco Conti
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