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what a swell party this is

McQMcQ Fayetteville, ARNew
edited December 2009 in Repertoire Posts: 75
"what a swell party this is"
Anyone know of any Gypsy jazz recordings of this tune? It just occurred to me that it might be a good one. Thanks!


  • McQMcQ Fayetteville, ARNew
    Posts: 75
    Just realized the actual name of the tune is "Well Did You Evah"
    And also was messing around with the melody after just having gone over some "Djangology" arpeggio exercises, and it occurred to me that the chord progressions sound extremely similar. I don't have music for "Well Did You Evah" but if I play the melody over a play-along for "Djanology" it seems to go. wonder it seemed like it would make a good Gypsy jazz tune :D
  • Blue DragBlue Drag S.F. Bay Area✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 55
    Don't know of a Gypsy Jazz version, but this is my favorite.
  • McQMcQ Fayetteville, ARNew
    Posts: 75
    Yeah--I love it! The movie was on a few days ago, so I turned the channel and this scene was just starting...I had forgotten the song existed, and it has just has stayed in my head and slowly morphed from that arrangement into a kind of Gypsy jazz arrangement.
    I was pretty surprised after searching around to not come across it, but now that I hear so much similarity with "Djangology" I guess it makes sense to play that instead. Of course, now I'm curious about whether "Well Did You Evah" gets quoted during "Djangology." Seems like if Sonny Rollins played this style, it would be something he'd throw in there...maybe Bireli during a playful moment...
  • AdelaarvarenAdelaarvaren Ballard, WA, USANew
    Posts: 172
  • McQMcQ Fayetteville, ARNew
    Posts: 75
    Cool--I went to my iTunes and saw that wasn't on the film soundtrack album, so thanks for the find!
  • JazzDawgJazzDawg New
    Posts: 264
    My daughter gave me a Cole Porter Songbook with this tune. Here's a chord grille with the changes to the tune in that book.

    After playing it a bit, really thought it better to simplify it a bit. Here's version 2 of the chord grille to the tune.

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