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Non-GJ Guitars for Sale

periclimenespericlimenes Santa Ana, CANew
edited February 2010 in Classifieds Posts: 140
I need to clear a landing pad for a new purchase so, on the off chance that any of you are looking to augment your collections with some other gear, I have these to offer:

1999 (or possibly 2000 - I need to check the serial number) Taylor 310, with SKB case (not the Taylor logo one). The guitar is in good condition, and I love the way it sounds, but my dad just gave me his 1966 D-18, which I hate the sound of but can't part with because it is one of our few family "heirlooms." I can send photos, or a sound clip, if you'd like. $700 + Shipping obo

1990s (again, I need to look up the serial number) black Gretsch Duo Jet 6128-57T (this is reissue of the 1957 guitar that George Harrison played for a bit with the early Beatles). The only modification to the guitar has been replacing the bridge with a period-appropriate vintage 1950s melita bridge that is made of bakelite and chrome and has individual intonation adjustments for each string. The guitar is in good shape, but it has a few light scratches on the back that come from a decade of playing. Again, I can send pics, if anyone is interested. $1,000 + Shipping obo

I'm in LA/OC California

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