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Anyone live in the CITY of Philadelphia?

Mark_PMark_P New
edited February 2010 in North America Posts: 18
I noticed there seem to be a couple of people who live around the Philadelphia area here. Does anyone actually live in the city itself? I'm a student living in the city and I would love to talk to some people who live in the city about meeting up. I don't have a car here, so the only way I can get around is by foot or public transportation. I know about the Mermaid Inn jam sessions, but it would be difficult to get out there without a car, of course. Message me if your interested!! Now I cross my fingers and wait... :mrgreen:


  • Ryan FlahertyRyan Flaherty New EnglandNew
    Posts: 99
    Hey Mark,

    If you have way of transportation, Ameranouche is playing in NYC this Friday, Feb 19th... at Drom - 85 Avenue A, New York, NY... show will start around 9 pm.

    You might look up Barry Warren for Philly area... he lives there and is quite the player and deep in the gj circuit.

  • Mark_PMark_P New
    Posts: 18
    NYC is a possibility at some point in time, but that requires bus transportation. :? I would probably do it with little thought if someone really special came through. (We're talking Hot Club of San Francisco or Rosenbergs) Thanks for the heads up though. I've also been chatting with Barry via email. We're going to try and connect and some point.


  • Ryan FlahertyRyan Flaherty New EnglandNew
    Posts: 99
    Ha Ha,,, dude, Ameranouche is more special then you think... I commend you for your tact though.

    Take it easy,
    Ryan Flaherty
  • WColsherWColsher PhiladelphiaNew
    Posts: 53
    I see that Ameranouche will be at the Psalm Salon August 14th for a workshop and show. So upcoming Philly Area GJ events are currently (and everything that's not at the 'Maid is easy to reach by public transit):

    Hot Club of Philadelphia
    Friday 2/26/2010
    The Mermaid Inn

    Gypsy Jazz Jam With Barry Warhoftig
    Wednesday 3/10/2010 (and, theoretically every 2nd Wednesday of the month)
    The Mermaid Inn

    John Jorgenson Quintet
    Sunday 3/21/2010
    7:30 pm EST World Cafe Live

    Kruno Spisic Gypsy Jazz Trio
    Saturday 4/3/2010
    8:00 pm EST World Cafe Live

    Gipsy Kings Live in Concert
    Saturday, April 24 at 9 p.m.
    Caesars Atlantic City

    Saturday 8/14/2010 (show and workshop)
    Psalm Salon

    Saturday, 10/2/2010
    Psalm Salon
  • Mark_PMark_P New
    Posts: 18
    Thanks a lot for those links links, Colsher. Nice to see there is more Gypsy Jazz around here than I thought (at least in the upcoming months). I'll probably make the two World Cafe Live events. I've seen Kruno before and he's great, and I've been waiting for John Jorgenson to appear now for quite some time. Great musicians!

    I would love to see more GJ at Chris' Jazz Cafe on Sansom street. I saw Dario Pinelli there but sadly it was on a Monday at 5:30 with perhaps eight people in the crowd including me and my friend... :roll: It's a great venue with lots of awesome jazz but rarely any GJ. A bonafide GJ quintet on a Friday night in that place would blow people's minds and do a lot for the perception of GJ around here.

    Oh and I forgot to mention I'll probably be checking out Ameranouche at the PSALM, which certainly seems like an interesting venue.
  • Ryan FlahertyRyan Flaherty New EnglandNew
    Posts: 99
    Sweet, thanks for giving us a listen Mark. look forward to meeting you.
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