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The Hot Club of Philadelphia, Swingin' hard!

Mark_PMark_P New
edited February 2010 in CD, DVD, and Concert Reviews Posts: 18
Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know about Hot Club of Philadelphia's CD release party at the Mermaid Inn this past Friday. It was a GREAT show! The setup was lead guitar and violin, two rhythm guitars, upright bass, and an excellent clarinet player to boot. To put the icing on the cake the wonderful Denise King sang a couple of songs, which were no doubt crowd pleasers. Her voice is exceptional. Overall I was very impressed with the entire ensemble. Barry is a fantastic guitarist who has clearly put a lot of time into the songs they played. I don't know what it is but his tone reminds of John Jorgensen's. It must be their pick choice.

Furthermore, I think these guys deserve mucho kudos for pioneering gypsy jazz in and around Philadelphia. I hope they continue to play as much as possible around the area and enlighten some folks who have not yet seen the light! :mrgreen: If you live within reasonable driving distance then definitely consider coming out to their shows in the future.

My only gripe has to do with the chattermouths all around me. It always drives me nuts when people talk during performances. Then again, if alcohol is flowing from the bar I can understand. It probably didn't help that there was Dogfish Head on tap, which is so damn tasty!

Both my parents were able to join me for the evening and my mom told me after the show that she's never seen people so happy at a concert. Thanks for a great show guys, I look forward to the next one.


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