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Live Angelo and Dorado CD NY Festival 2002

DedwoodDedwood Springfield, ILNew
edited November 2005 in CD, DVD, and Concert Reviews Posts: 32
While checking out CD Baby, I came across an exciting CD. Swing Gitan is a live recording from the Django Reinhardt NY Festival at Birdland featuring Angelo Debarre and Dorado Schmitt. The CD is put out by Vertical Jazz Records (CD #5509-2). This disc features some wonderful performances and lineups with guest musicians. The artists featured here are: Angelo Debarre, Dorado Schmitt, Samson Schmitt, and Serge Camps (guitar); Ludovic Beier (accordion); James Carter (sax); Ken Peplowski (clarinet); Jay Leonhardt (bass); and Grady Tate (brushes).
The track list and featured artists is as follows:
1. Swing Gitan (Angelo, Ludovic, Serge, Jay, and Grady)
2. What Is This Thing Called Love (Dorado, Samson, Jay, and Grady)
3. New York In November (Dorado, Samson, Jay, and Grady)
4. Minor Swing (All musicians except Ken)
5. Nuages (Dorado, Samson, Ludovic, Jay, and Grady)
6. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Angelo, Ludovic, Serge, and Jay)
7. Manoir De Mes Reves (Angelo, Ludovic, Serge, James, Jay, and Grady)
8. China Boy (Angelo, Ludovic, Serge, Ken, and Jay)
9. Stompin' At Decca (All musicians except Ken)
10. Montagne Sainte Genevieve (Angelo, Serge, and Jay)
11. Lady Be Good (All musicians except Ken)
BONUS TRACK : Pretext (Babik Reinhardt, Florin Niculescu, Pete Malinverni - piano, Leroy Williams - drums, and Jon Burr - bass)
This disc is worth checking out. My favorite track is the Dorado penned Sept. 11th tribute New York In November. Also check out the beautiful sax intro to Manoir De Mes Reves, it makes one wonder how much better James Carter's Chasing The Gypsy CD would be with the right guitarists. The bonus track is from the 2000 Django Reinhardt NY Festival (featuring Babik, Jimmy Rosenberg, Frank Vignola, and Bireli Lagrene), which can be found at better record stores on disc.


  • plankityplankity CTNew
    Posts: 105
    There's a new DVD from the Birdland series: 2004 with Dorado and a rhythm section, hosting a series of American jazz artists. Highlights include Rose Room (mislabeled as Daphne on the label/menu) and Daphne (labeled as Swing 49). Also Sweet Georgia Brown (video clip available at )

    The lineup of Gypsies on this disc is less than stellar (no Angelo, Ludovic or Samson) but it still a worthy effort: Pat Phillips puts herself deeply into presenting this music and thrives on creating settings using Americans and Gypsies together - some work, some don't work as well. She deserves a great degree of credit for her enthusiasm and hard work.

  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,920
    I should have the Birdland DVD in soon!

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