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Need to Write A Report on Gypsy Jazz

Stamos666Stamos666 New
edited April 2010 in Gypsy Jazz 101 Posts: 19
I am in a class called History of Jazz and I need to write a report about anything concerning Jazz. I really want to write a report on the history of Gypsy Jazz, it's evolution, and MOST SPECIFICALLY/IMPORTANTLY Django Reinhardt and his background. Are there any books out there that discuss this? I'd rather one book rather than a bunch of them.

The only requirement is that I need to somehow connect certain parts of my report to American jazz in some way, be it Django's influence ON American jazz music, or perhaps american jazz's influence on Django, people in America that Django collaborated with, etc. The assignment is written out here:

You must select a topic that demonstrates your general understanding of the history, characteristics, and performance practices of jazz. You may write on the life and music of a performer or composer, explain the socio-political context of jazz, or the influence of other genres on jazz (e.g. rock, classical, and African Music). You are expected to use recordings and videos to support your thesis and develop your main point(s). For example, if your paper is on the scatting style of Ella Fitzgerald, you must include excerpts of her texts to support your point. Does she use repetition, manipulate words, or imitate instruments? Your paper should be more than a biographical sketch or an overview of a genre. It should demonstrate your basic understanding of the historical, cultural, and socio-political significance of jazz in American culture. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

I LOVE gypsy jazz and was wondering if perhaps someone could help me. I do not need to focus too much on American culture, but just need to connect it a little bit. So yeah, I'm looking for good books on the life and time of Django Reinhardt which also gives good info on the history of gypsy jazz. Very strong Django info is key here since my report will be on him.



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