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What brand of piezo elements used in bigtone pickups?

I was wondering if Josh or others know what brand of piezo elements are used in the various versions of the bigtone pickups. I've heard players say they like the Dupont bigtone better than the Dell Arte, but I haven't been able to hear a difference. I know if the element is buried too low the volume and string balance can be not so good, but they all sound pretty much like ceramic based piezo elements to me. I build one with a baggs ceramic element and one with an EMG AT83 film version of the piezo bar. The baggs had more low end and more of the fake sounding snarl/quack. The EMG maybe sounded a little more natural, but in some ways I think that quack is part of the sound of the bigtone. Anyway, I'm looking for very specific specs about the elements used in these pickups. But if anyone who doesn't know the specs wants to comment about their observations about the sound on various models, I'd like to hear that as well. Thanks.


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