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Hi. I just bought one of your guitars. I was wondering if there was a way to get in touch with you? You are like the best-kept secret in the guitar world! I just have a question or two about the guitar which the seller couldn't answer and i was hoping you could help me with.

Please email me directly at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. of course, just remove the NOSPAMS from the email address and thank you in advance.


  • klaatuklaatu Nova ScotiaProdigy Rodrigo Shopis D'Artagnan, 1950s Jacques Castelluccia
    Posts: 1,663

    "It's a great feeling to be dealing with material which is better than yourself, that you know you can never live up to."
    -- Orson Welles
  • SteveGSteveG ✭✭
    Posts: 29
    Peter posts more often in the OLF than here. You might have better luck contacting him there.

  • crothcroth ✭✭
    Posts: 60
    Klaatu- yes, of course i saw that thread. I know zwinakis is not brazilian and i believe he's from the SF Bay area. But finding a way to connect with him is nothing simple task.

    SteveG- i'm going to look into your suggestion.

    Thanks to both of you for trying! :-)
  • seeirwinseeirwin ✭✭✭ AJL J'attendrai | AJL Orchestra
    Posts: 115
    If you really get stuck, you can always ask Buffalo Brothers in Carlsbad, CA to put you in touch him. They always have a few of his guitars (and I'm guessing that's where you got yours).
  • crothcroth ✭✭
    Posts: 60
    Nope seeirwin, though good guess. I actually know of but dont know Buffalo Bros. I got mine from Eric Schoenberg whom i met with personally and exchanged some riffs and history with. I own a 1994 Schoenberg Soloist which i had the honor of purchasing directly from its builder, TJ Thompson. After that, i made it a point to meet its concept creator, Mr. Schoenberg. Always looking for unique and exceptional guitars, he had this one Zwinakis. As rare as they are to find, and as good as i had heard of them to be, i thought it wise to not let it escape me. All that said, now that i own it, i'd like to learn a little more about it than Eric knew. And that's the short history behind my quest!
  • SteveGSteveG ✭✭
    Posts: 29
    He posts under the username pzwinakis , and is a builder of gypsy jazz guitars. It's unlikely that there'd be two of those, so I bet it's him.

    There's a place where you can leave him a PM at : ... le&u=13238

    He was last posting there about three days ago, and was on there a minute ago. I left him a PM directing him to this thread, but he may not check his PMs. I never do...

    Good Luck
  • crothcroth ✭✭
    Posts: 60
    SteveG: the hunt is on! I will look for him there too. Thank you much.
    it is the gypsy guitar builder i'm looking for.
  • crothcroth ✭✭
    Posts: 60
    I actually have gotten in touch with him through the help of this thread. Thanks to all of you who offered assistance!
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