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Is there a Django NY Festival at Birdland this year???

crothcroth ✭✭
edited November 2010 in North America Posts: 60
From what I can tell, this festival appears to be coming up on Nov. 2 - 7. How come no one's talking about it here?

Is this an old website I never understood why website designers don't put the year on their site since these things hang around forever...

If it is coming up this year (that's 2010), does anyone know anything about it?


  • thickpickthickpick ✭✭✭
    Posts: 142
    That must be this year's concert, because last year's concert was from Nov. 3 - 8, and the page you linked to lists the dates as Nov. 2 - 7.
  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,911
    I'm guessing Dorado & company will be there, since they're playing western MA on October 30...
  • crothcroth ✭✭
    Posts: 60
    I did a little of my own digging and if you search Birdland's Schedule, you will find the show on those dates (Nov 2-7), Go to and then the menu item, "Schedule".

    The descriptions states the following:

    "Featuring: legendary gypsy guitarist DORADO SCHMITT, with top gypsy rhythm guitarist KRUNO SPISIC, bassist XAVIER NIKQ, violinist PIERRE BLANCHARD and the debut of the 14-year old guitar virtuoso AMATI SCHMITT (Dorado's son). Plus Special Guests harpist Edmar Castaneda, clarinetist anat Cohen and more."

    Being rather a neophyte to the gypsy jazz scene, this still begs the question, how come there's no chatter about this show on this group??? I mean, there's not all THAT much going on in gypsy jazz that this should be overlooked, is there?
  • smilinjacksmilinjack The Wilds of Borneo & The Vineyards of BordeauxNew
    Posts: 80
    Because they're usually not too good.
    Last Year's was about the best of the lot over the past few Years. Samson and Tchavolo Schmitt were there and Samson was great.
    Most of the time it's just a high priced jam session.
    "You Can Walk Around this Town Without Brains. . . But You Can't Walk Around Without Money!"
  • HCQHCQ Northeast NJ✭✭✭
    Posts: 218

    I certainly plan on attending this.

    I also just got an e-mail Barry of the HC of Philly. Barry keeps in touch with many folks on his mailing list. Additionally, Barry is a great musical friend of mine always making sure I am in the loop in all things Gypsy Jazz.

    Below is an excerpt from a recent e-mail. I think this information is appropriate here


    Full disclosure; Pat Philips and Ettore Stratta, who produce the shows are friends of mine.
    [So are Dorado and Samson Schmitt for that matter.]
    Now having said that, I can objectively say that the shows that I've seen at Birdland and Lincoln Center with Dorado & Samson Schmitt and company have been amazing.

    Pat and Ettore have been bringing over players like Samson & Dorado, Tchavolo and Jimmy Rosenberg for a long time, and they really deserve support and credit for it. [Some of the 1st shows had players like Jimmy, Bireli and Frank Vignola]. I can't imagine seeing players like Dorado and Samson being less than amazing!]

    The format is based on the famous JATP concerts, which involves special guests sitting in. This insures a bit of the element of surprise. Of course the results depend to some degree on chemistry between the performers.

    Usually it's brilliant. I've been to many of the shows and there were a few that didn't work as well, but they were rare, and the promoters have been very open to suggestions regarding what works best.

    I personally don't really like jazz shows that are too scripted, it takes the fun out of it! As far as I'm concerned, I can say that without a doubt, some of the best shows that I've seen were Pat's shows. I would encourage all of you to check the shows out for yourself and make up your own min
    ds. These guys are the real deal, and they live and breathe this music.And, I'd add, as someone that has produced promoted and played in shows, Pat, Ettore, Nick Lehr and Andrew at Django in June, etc., really all deserve our support, they're all doing God's work, in my humble opinion.

    The 1st show will be at the Calvin theater in Northampton on Oct 30. Birdland Nov 2-7.

    I post this as an FYI. Its rare to have an opportunity to see these great artists perform live.

  • patrus le sommelierpatrus le sommelier ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 208
    I still don't understand where is the schedule with which artiste that play when
    I see the show time but nothing more. To get ticket it's only via phone?

    I will be so happy to interview Samson for a 2nd time
    also Dorado Schmitt and the new kid on the block Amati Schmitt
    also Pierre Blanchard and of corse New Yorker Ben Wood

    I am looking for more local artist to interview also! I will be there Friday, Sat & Sunday all day
  • Posts: 3
    Hello Everyone -

    Thanks so much for your posts about the upcoming Django NY Festival - it's coming up this weekk, I just posted a new thread today with all the info -

    Best, Pat Philips
  • patrus le sommelierpatrus le sommelier ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 208
    Thanks Pat for your post.

    I hope we can talk this week, about me doing video interview during the festival.

    And all of you be ready for some more video interview!
  • patrus le sommelierpatrus le sommelier ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 208
    I did some video interview in Birdland have a 1st look
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