Gitane DG-340 Stephane Wrembel Model - New/Setup

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New Gitane DG-340. Ordered 10/20/2010.

When the guitar arrived to me from the factory, it sounded unreal and I was very pleased. It has a great high end and the bass response was much better than what I have heard in more expensive guitars. I was unhappy with the fretdress and setup that was supposedly done at the factory and it needed to be addressed... Fortunately I work on stringed instruments as a profession so I was able to perform the needed work myself! The guitar had a slight "lift" at the end of the fingerboard where the neck joins the body and was preventing the action from getting lower than 3.5mm at the 12th fret. This is typical of every Gitane guitar I have ever come across but was not a problem to resolve the issue. The fretboard was leveled by filing the frets so that I had a perfectly flat surface to work with. I re-crowned the frets as needed and polished them to a mirror finish. The bridge radius did not match the neck radius so it was necessary to duplicate to the same 16 radius as the neck so that the string action would be consistent. I strung the guitar up using a set of Argentine 1510 strings and have the action set at 2.5mm at the 12th fret on the high E string and 3mm on the low E string with absolutely no unwanted string buzz. So, I am happy to offer this guitar as a perfectly playing and great sounding instrument that will last for many many years. One unresolvable issue that needs to be addressed is that the headstock implies that the guitar is a "Lulo Reinhardt" Model instead of the "Stephane Wrembel" model that it is. All of the other specifications are listed on the Saga website. Basically, you are looking at a Gitane DG-340 that has been professionally setup in "new" condition with pristine frets and no cosmetic issues such as scratches, dings, etc. You are welcome to contact me for more detailed photos. Thanks for checking out the guitar!!

Retail is $1,495

I am asking $975 and includes Superior Case and free shipping to the lower 48 states.
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