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Tube effect for acoustic amp

Hi there. I gig using my acoustic with Bigtone and Audio tech pro 70 through a 60W acoustic amp. I have recently purchased an Ibanez semi in order to throw in some late Django sounds, (didn't take to the Stimer). Does anyone know of a good effects pedal which will give me a tube sound through the acoustic amp? It sounds ok with the gain pushed up, but not dirty enough for me. Many thanks for any help.
Not now dear, I have a terrible Djangover.


  • gadjojazzgadjojazz where the fun isNew
    Posts: 17
    From my experience don't treat the acoustic amp as a regular guitar amp (ie tone shaper) -think of it as a mini p.a.
    In a similar situation to you I use this with an AER 60 ... ductId=854

    You can try a SansAmp unit also - I have one of those and it sounds good.

    Both these model the sound of a tube amp and gives the signal to the p.a. (or ac amp) to make it louder - not add to the tone.

    I have on occaisions just stuck a TS9 tubescreamer in there and got away with it. Best bet is use what you have first before you go buying - you never know?
  • thripthrip London, UKProdigy
    Posts: 153
    Have you thought about buying an low wattage valve amp instead? It would cost about the same as a decent pedal. I have a 10W Laney Cub amp which was about £170 which I love. It's easily loud enough for gigging with my archtop and has a great sound. There's lots to choose from out there at the moment too.
  • RicardoRicardo Cornwall UKNew
    Posts: 41
    Thanks guys. Hi Tim - I do have a small fender champion , however it needs to be full volume to get through and this gives too much break up and is also a little dry sounding. Really I was just trying to keep my equipment light for logistics ( gigging in Cornwall often means no parking near the venue and lots of precarious 17th century staircases!) It may however be a route I have to consider.
    Not now dear, I have a terrible Djangover.
  • pinkgarypinkgary ✭✭✭
    Posts: 282
    I use this: ... tor--31912

    when using an archtop into my compact 60, but mainly 'cos it was given to me. It's alright, makes my compact more like a guitar amp than a p.a. and is invaluable if adding distortion. If using any sort of distortion, you'll need some sort of cab simulator, or it'll sound hideous. If you've ever plugged a distorted electric guitar straight into a p.a., you'll know what i mean.

    I've heard good things about using a pod with an AER, you can get a small "pocket" version: ... tor--43352

    But if you want a real tube sound you need to go for a tube: ... amp--61010

    This would be my choice, just overdrive the input gain a bit, and hey presto (and it's got cab simulators built in!!)...
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