FS-Gitane dg-320 John jorgenson model,in europe

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nice gypsy jazz guitar,with build in pickup a schatten passive system,,works like a charm,,the guitar has minor scratches and is in great condition,,the big d-hole makes this model a great rythem guitar for jams and lead as well,,action is 4mm above 12 fret,strung with 11 gauge galli strings,,please mail me for pictures until i get some taken and load them up on the forum,,i would prefer to sell i europe due to difficult shipping to the states,,price 900 euros or make me an offer i cant refuse,,no trades im upgrading so i need the money


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    Btw,,the guitar is located in Copenhagen\Denmark,,and im sorry to see it go but im trying here first and then ebay,,i got it from a guy who also trades in this forum,,and i have been very happy with the guitar and still am,,but upgades costs ,,i can also make a recording of the guitar and try to mail it to you or try and post it here,,see ya
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    its the guitar to the right,, :D ,,my hahl is maybe for sale but still considering the price,,these baybies are costly,,it was build for dorado schmitt or so im told,,it has been his guitar,that much is certain,,but if you are interested in it let me know,,it has a bulid in bigton made by hahl,and sound great,,its like a cannon,,superb tone and balance,,its made in 97 and is a gitano s-m model
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