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For Sale Fantastic Dupont MDC-50

chappiechappie ✭✭✭✭
edited March 2011 in Classifieds Posts: 125
This is the Dupont I swore I would never sell... I'm playing my Favino all the time and feel bad to never play this beautiful guitar anymore.

A 2005 14 fret MDC-50 Dupont in amazing condition. I picked it out from half a dozen that Jacques Mazzoleni had at the time including a VR and it was the best of the bunch. This guitar has been played but has been well taken care of. I've included a picture with the bridge missing so you can also see how the finish has darkened over time. Everyone who has heard this instrument claims it is one of the best Duponts they have ever heard (It is Rodrigo Shopis's favorite Dupont ever...please feel free to contact him for a recommendation!) This is a super-light guitar, loud and clear as a bell with the distinctive Dupont mid-range and cutting high end. It has been modified with brass Rainer Mueller tuners (see pics). It is a fantastic solo instrument or an equally amazing rhythm machine. The action is set quite low and it has beautiful sound and playability. I came within a whisker of selling it last year but held off.
3200.00 with Original Dupont Hard Shell Case. Buyer of course pays shipping.

Here is a sound clip of Stephane Wrembel ripping on it in my kitchen:



  • jmaszlejmaszle New
    Posts: 19
    I've played this guitar many times and have always loved it. It is remarkable!
  • Posts: 2
    Will you ship this guitar to Tokyo, Japan?

  • AndoAndo South Bend, INModerator Gallato RS-39 Modèle Noir
    Posts: 277
  • chappiechappie ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 125
    Thanks Ando,

    This is a great guitar and is in perfect condition. VERY hard to part with but the economy is tough right now. My Jacques Favino is my main guitar and I've really gotten used to it --a lot more difficult than this Dupont which plays like butter.

    I suggest that anyone interested in this guitar please contact Rodrigo Shopis for a review. He has known, set-up and played this guitar since I bought it in 2005. <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

    Also, check out Rodrigo's guitars as well! They are awesome!

  • klaatuklaatu Nova ScotiaProdigy Rodrigo Shopis D'Artagnan, 1950s Jacques Castelluccia
    Posts: 1,665
    chappie wrote:

    Also, check out Rodrigo's guitars as well! They are awesome!


    I'll second that! I bought Charlie's big Shopis D'Artagnan a year ago, and it is still my all-time favorite gypsy guitar (and I've been privileged to play some of the best at Django in June every year). Simply a beautiful example of the highest level of guitar craftsmanship, with killer sound.

    I can attest that Charlie takes good care of his guitars. If I hadn't already ordered a Selmer sized D hole from Rodrigo as a companion to the other one, I'd be seriously tempted to buy the Dupont. Someone should grab this one while you still can!

    "It's a great feeling to be dealing with material which is better than yourself, that you know you can never live up to."
    -- Orson Welles
  • chappiechappie ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 125
    I meant to post this video clip of Stephane playing my Dupont and couldn't find it until now:

    also a couple of fragments (I'll spare you all the longer versions!) of me fooling around with it in Garageband as a rhythm/Bass and lead guitar:

    For those that have asked: The guitar is very, very light. Very dry sounding and super loud. It is a great rhythm guitar and as you can see with Stephane's right hand a dynamic lead instrument.

    Stephane and Rodrigo Shopis are both great people to contact regarding this guitar because both have played and heard it a lot in the last 6 years and can testify to its fine condition.

  • Michael BauerMichael Bauer Chicago, ILProdigy Selmers, Busatos and more…oh my!
    Posts: 1,002
    Rodrigo has always talked about this guitar in reverent tones to me. I was talking with him a few days ago and he stated it is the best Dupont he's ever heard. He has said that consistently for the past 2-3 years whenever it has come up. Since Wrembel bought my VRB a few months ago, I am without a Dupont, and if I weren't ass deep in guitars in this little condo, it would have been sold already... to me!
    I've never been a guitar player, but I've played one on stage.
  • Posts: 2
    I will be in New York for a couple of days, Charlie. Can I come by and play it? You can copy me at kazumitabata@gmail
  • dubroguedubrogue
    Posts: 6
    Hi Chappie,

    Still for sale?

  • chappiechappie ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 125
    ON HOLD.
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