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Mixing Django and the Beatles... My New Record

noahfuturenoahfuture ✭✭✭
edited March 2011 in CD, DVD, and Concert Reviews Posts: 61
Hi All!
It is with great humility and a lot of nervousness that I introduce my new album to you good folks at DjangoBooks. The project is called Noah and the MegaFauna and it is my first solo record. My goal was to mix the chords, techniques, voicings, and licks that I learned from Django and largely from this Forum and website, with a more modern songwriting aesthetic. Of course by modern I mean 1968. I wanted to combine manouche style guitar, with my love for The Beatles and Tom Waits and even newer bands like Radiohead and Wilco. My joke all along has been, think of what the Rolling Stones did early in their carrear but instead of ripping off Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf, I'm ripping off Django and Stochelo. :lol:

I've started a Kickstarter account you can visit, where you can watch the little movie, hear a little bit and pre-order a record to help me raise enough to master it and print it to vinyl.

I approach you all with a real sense of delicacy and understanding of how amazing Manouche Jazz is. It has totally consumed me for the past few years. My background is a touring indie rock musician. I was on the road for about 5 years, and when the band I was in split up, I had lots of time. It was in this time I started trying to learn this crazy ass style and this Album is the result.

I recorded the whole thing with my Rodrigo Shopis Favino style D'Artagnan D hole. This guitar is really what inspired me to make this record. I recorded it old school style to tape and I really think we captured the guitar perfectly, so if you ever wondered what these bad-boys sound like, here ya go. I also used my peche a la mouche pickup, bought right here, for a couple tunes and it sounds wicked.

The record also has a cast of insane musicians. Gonzalo Bergara is my guitar teacher here in LA (although don't blame him for my sloppiness) and he was gracious enough to play on two songs. I also have Steve Ferrone on drums who is Tom Petty's drummer in The Heartbreakers, and has played with everyone from Michael Jackson to Eric Clapton. I also have an 8 piece horn section, ripping violin, clarinet, up-right bass, and duets with a bunch of really hot and amazing women... gotta have that right?

All and all it is a really fun project, that I couldn't have done without the knowledge and insite Djangobooks and all you forum members offer. I know you all as players can probably play circles around what I'm doing, but I hope you all check it out, and enjoy it for what it is.

You can pre-order copies here and see a little movie of the making of the record.
One writes music because winter is eternal and if one didn't, the wolves and the blizzards would be at one's throat all the sooner.
-David Mitchell


  • adrianadrian AmsterdamVirtuoso
    Posts: 494
    Sounds cool! Do you have a track listing available, or is that secret?

  • noahfuturenoahfuture ✭✭✭
    Posts: 61
    Well... I do have a track listing, although I'm thinking my title to this post is a bit misleading. The record consists of 10 original songs... so not really Beatles songs, just songs trying to balance a love of Gypsy Jazz, with a love of song writing... hope that makes sense!
    One writes music because winter is eternal and if one didn't, the wolves and the blizzards would be at one's throat all the sooner.
    -David Mitchell
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