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New AJL-model

AndreasObergAndreasOberg Stockholm,SwedenModerator
My friend and endorser AJL has updated his website with his new model Andreas Öberg GF 2005. He has one or two in stock already for sale..

Andreas Öberg GF-2005 is the new model designed by Andreas Öberg& A-J Luomaranta, AJL-Guitars. Guitar is based on old Jacques Favino Larger bodied Gypsy-Guitar, from lower about 425 mm comparing to 400 mm on the original Selmer. The top of the guitar is made with so called "Favino-bracing". Guitar has slightly steeper neck angle & higher bridge to raise strings from top and produce loud projection with softer high end without losing percussive "high-mids" and soft string tension. Guitar has three piece neck with two contrasting stripes. It has AJL-tuners with ivory knobs. Guitar has thick ebony fingerboard with side dots only. Guitars are available with either laminated sides & back, or sides & back made from solid woods. Visit for more information.
Best Regards Andreas
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