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nylon strings, what's the story?

hi guys

here is a clip of stochelo playing on a guitar with nylon strings. He sounds to me incredible. Do you think it is the matter of amplification ? I am not knowledgeable as far as gj guitar construction is concerned but probably luthiers when they know that one is going to play on nylon strings, they probably select different kind of wood , the one that resonates better with nylon strings or sth? Well, these are only suppositions. Anyway, do you think that because gj guitars are mainly created to sound well with steel strings the guitar used by stochelo on this clip sounds awful when not amplified? Please, write comments


  • WColsherWColsher PhiladelphiaNew
    Posts: 53
    I'll bet someone here knows exactly what's going on signal wise in that clip but here's a start:

    1) Stochelo's brain is sending signals to his hands that are
    2) playing a guitar that may have been designed for nylon strings equipped with
    3) a non magnetic pickup such as a BigTone piezo with the signal is going to a
    4) mixing board where someone who really knows his stuff is monitoring the sound which is
    5) being recorded (and mixed for the house) so it can later be
    6) mixed for the video clip

    Number 1 is BY FAR the most important factor in the signal chain so I think I'm safe in saying that in Stochelo's hands that guitar sounds pretty darn good regardless of signal processing and amplification.

    Does anyone know if Stochelo uses a different type of pick on the nylon string instrument?
  • Dr. HallDr. Hall Green Bay, WisconsinNew
    Posts: 65
    Sorry to disappoint you, but Stochelo isn't playing a nylon string guitar in this clip. It's a steel string.
  • redbluesredblues ✭✭
    Posts: 456
    Please, write comments

    Please, use google
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