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Lesson samples from the Rosenberg Academy

HemertHemert Prodigy
edited April 2011 in Welcome Posts: 264
Here's some sneak peaks into lesson material:

- Solo samples Daphne:

- Sample Lesson - Les Yeux Noirs

- Solo samples Minor Swing:


  • Just wanted to chime in here on RA...

    This is really a great site. I have to say that I initially stayed away from the academy based on some of the initial feedback. The Dark Eyes lesson lured me in. The quality of the videos is pretty great and the attention to detail in the transcriptions, with regards to pick direction and fingering suggestions is extremely helpful. I've been on board for about a month and it has definitely helped my playing.

    IT's a little different from the other academy...there are technical exercises, some rhythm examples, but the primary focus is the dissection of a song each month. Stochelo plays a solo and then breaks the harder parts of the solo lick by lick and gives the user insight of the why and how a lick works in that particular situation.

    I'm becoming more and more impressed with the quality and quantity of materials available for my little obsession. This one is a good one.
  • Posts: 5
    It's getting better, fingers crossed for the future of RA. I will get back there in some time.

    To be honest this is now the amount of lessons I expected at the day the RA was launched.

    My subscription expires on the 10th of May, not sure if I get the whole song in May.

    So, if anyone wants to enroll I would suggest to sign up at the end of the month rather than at the beginning :)

    Anyway, although I ve seen some silly comments about my previous posts regarding RA, I am still glad, I joined the academy to see the master in action. Hope my previous posts sharing my disappointment on the service provided, encouraged Christiaan to improve the web with benefits for all of us.

    Best of luck!
  • HemertHemert Prodigy
    Posts: 264
    Thanks Jkaz! You are exactly right. It IS about dissecting a new song each month. RA strives to teach people gypsy jazz guitar the way Stochelo and Bireli learned it: learning complete solos (and themes) and then studying the possibilities of the separate licks within the solos. What many people probably do not realize is that after you've learned about 50 solos this way you will automatically develop improvisational skills because you will start to combine all the licks you've studied and even come up with new phrases based on those licks. Gradually you will start to develop a sound of your own.

    Both Bireli and Stochelo started out by learning 100 Django solos by heart. RA just makes this easier for you by providing students with complete transcriptions and a master guitarist to show you everything!
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