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Help me identify a Gypsy guitar i brought from Charity shop

w_lavenew_lavene Cambridge, EnglandNew
Out of curiosity, i recently brought another gypsy jazz guitar but never heard of the make and cant find and info on it. It plays great and has a real good sound, it brand name is XP. Anyone heard of this. I love it it realy play good after i made a few adjustments and i got in for £40 from a charity shop. They had no idea what they were selling!!i was walking past and there it was in the window.They listed it as unplayable as the bridge was shot. They were so wrong, it plays like a dream
Anyone shed any light. All they new was that a French Girl had moved to England and did'nt play and i think it belonged to one of her relatives and she gave it to charity shop.

Even if it worth £20 i dont care i love it but be great to find out where it came from. The build quality seems quite good, although not like any medium to top brand of current Gypsy guitar's availiable


  • w_lavenew_lavene Cambridge, EnglandNew
    Posts: 44
    Oh and it an oval hole Gypsy guitar,

  • rimmrimm Ireland✭✭✭✭ Paul doyle D hole, washburn washington
    Posts: 605
    In a word, merde. But 40 quid is excellent. raise the action as high as you can and it may make some pleasing sounds-good for travelling about with.
    I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell
  • w_lavenew_lavene Cambridge, EnglandNew
    Posts: 44
    haha i thought that what someone would say. It not my main gypsy guitar but for £40 was quite willing to go for it.i am a mad collector of guitar's must have over 15 of them now. And it sounds quite nice, it is good for traveling with and after i had messed around with the action and a few various other things it actualy plays quite well, and i have taken it to a few gigs as my back up guitar in case i break a string. When i go to Europe in a few months i am going to probably convince myself to buy another guitar, just cant help myself. Any suggestions where the best places in Holland or France to get another, as in England not so many guitar shops have ever heard of Selmer style guitar let alone stock them. There are a few Dell Arte around but all them i have played sound and play like shit. and there around £600 which is a massive rip of. For an extra few hundred im sure i could get a real beutiful one
  • django'spooltalentdjango'spooltalent ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 71
    Congrats adoption, another child to the family. Could you post some pictures or a youtube video.

    I would love to see and hear the guitar. Can you what the woods are or if its a solid toP?


  • w_lavenew_lavene Cambridge, EnglandNew
    Posts: 44
    Yeah i am having some serious tech issues at mo :( but will try get something up soon, was going to go on a crazy marathon of putting lots of stuff on net very soon, and i will make sure one one song i will use that guitar. Have just been looking at Eimers guitar sight. They look beutiful. Dont know if anyone knows anything about them. Also dont know if still for sale but he got Stochelo's old Busato from 1939 for sale!! I am tempted to sell a kidney or something to buy it if it is still availiable. i would recomend everyone look at his site and see this amazing guitar.Although there will be a lot of envy if someone her buys it. Not sure how good it would be for loads of giging etc it looks a bit fragile as you would expect
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