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Has anyone tried Martin FX130 silk & phosphor strings?

I just got the monthly specials list from noting a special on a string I've never tried - Martin FX 130 silk & phosphor. They sound rather intriguing - the overall tension is listed at 128 lbs; lighter than the 140 lbs of D'Addarios, the only other Gypsy Jazz strings I've locate tension specs for.

Reviews I've found are good from flattop players and the comments seem to indicate they'd be good GJ strings. And at $2.99 a set I think I'll order a few unless I hear really negative comments - I can always use 'em on my '58 0-18 if they don't work out on my D-hole.

Here's the link if anyone wants to check them out. It'd be nice to find a good alternative to Argentines that don't break the bank. Argentines are only strings my Chinese knockoff seems to like once it was played-in - initially D'Addarios were pretty good but as the guitar cracked it's knuckles and got broken in the difference between D'Addarios and Argentines is like night and day - but Argentines don't seem to be real consistent and at the price they should be IMO.
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