best strings for Gitane500

any ideas folks on this one ?
I am keen to do an order or two for me strings


  • CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
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    I use Dell Arte 11's loop ends
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  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
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    The only thing I'd suggest is staying away from any silk & steel strings (like the Galli V27s or Gypsy Jazz Silk & Steels). The shorter scale of the D-500 already contributes to a lower tension, and silk & steels might make it a bit sloppy for you. I've always used 11s-Argentines, Dell'Artes, Gallis, and prefer loop end. Order a variety, and see what you like.

  • just the bassplayerjust the bassplayer Huntington, NYNew
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    Recently, I got 2 sets of Pyramid Acoustic guitar silver plated strings for my Gitane D-500. Just Strings carries them. I've tried Galli, Lenzers , Pearse and Savarez 0.10s. The Savarez strings sound great when they are properly made. But, their quality control, I find, leaves much to be desired. John Levoi's trick of twisting the new, dead string anti-clockwise 5 times, actually works quite well.
    Out of frustration, and experimentation, I bought the Pyramid Acoustic Guitar silver plated strings. They run 0.11 to 0.47. It doesn't seem that Pyramid has caught on that these are the proper construction for Gypsy Guitar. They have ball ends, and no silk, steel core, copper wrapped, silver plated.
    I must say that I'm impressed with the tone, volume, string tension and overall quality, at least so far. I've used Pyramid Gold flatwound bass strings on my Hofner basses for over 30 years, and nothing can touch them despite the high initial price.
    They do cost more, so time will tell if they're worth it. One nice thing is that the 12 fret to the body design takes the slightly heavier strings well and hasn't caused much of a problem with my miserable playing.
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