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Michael, thanks for this great book. (I am somewhat amused to find that your name appears as "Borowitz" on the CD. A mistake? No matter. [EDIT: appears to be an artifact of Microsoft Media Player's attempt to identify the content of the disc, probably not your issue.])

Question: Are you able to provide the content in electronic form? I would love to cut and paste the notation part only, without the tabs, to trim many of these pieces down to a single page or two. Although the massive book is very nicely produced and most impressive, I do like to have a single sheet or two upon which I can make notes etc., which I hate to do in the bound copy.

I can obviously do this by scanning in specific pages, and then cutting & pasting; but it would save time if a PDF were available, or even better a notation-only version. I realize that you don't want machine-readable copies floating around the 'net; but perhaps this is something you could consider by special request? I also know you can't lavish extra time preparing custom versions of your books, so I'm expecting to hear "sorry, not practical" -- but it doesn't hurt to ask. -- Trevor
-- Trevor Hanson, Gardiner WA


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
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    Hi Trevor,

    I agree that it would be nice to have an electronic version of the book for many reasons including the ones you mentioned. However, at this point I'm going to keep selling it in physical form only as there are too many issues with copyrights and the potential for piracy.

    At some point I may be in the position to release eBook versions of my books, but for now I'm going to keep them available only as printed books.

    Thanks and glad you like the book!

  • spinalityspinality Gardiner, WA, USANew
    Posts: 31
    For now I'm going to keep them available only as printed books.

    Thanks for the reply, Michael; very reasonable.

    As a side comment, you might pick up some sheet music sales if DB offered notation-only versions of individual tunes. That would appeal to classical guitarists, among others. (Though printing single-sheet titles and adding them to your storefront might be more trouble that it's worth.)

    Thanks again for such a great resource. -- Trevor
    -- Trevor Hanson, Gardiner WA
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