New Instructional DVD by Paul Pazzo Mehling

"the Ultimate Gypsy Jazz /Swing Guitar Lesson" volume 1 & 2

this is a follow-up to the first 2 "Django Style" DVDs from wa-ay back when (which still continue to sell well!) advancing the basic concepts from those lessons and building upon all of my previous Homespun Dvds- PickPower (all about the right hand), Arpeggio Power (all about those arpeggio patterns) Metronome Power (the metronome is your FRIEND) these Dvds are for the ADVANCED player who wants to bust out of that rut.

DVD 1 -This comprehensive workout/ practice regimen for aspiring swing players focuses on robust warm-ups and training exercises to develop good time, tone, speed and the specific techniques needed to get the authentic “Gypsy Jazz” sound.

DVD 2-Get your rhythm and lead playing toned up with these two high-octane lessons! Including how to make your own BACKING TRACKS, some Backing Tracks played by Pazzo and WHAT to play over those tracks.

hey guitar friends & fans, my NEW Instructional DVD "the Ultimate Gypsy Jazz/Swing Guitar Lesson" is ON SALE at if you order DVD 1 you'll get $5 off the direct download (start learning instantly!) or, if you order both DVDs 1 & 2 you'll get $10 off the direct download price!!!

or just go to and order from Pazzo himself.
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