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7 FREE mp3s plus Video!

Dario NapoliDario Napoli Milano✭✭✭✭ Hahl Gitano Deluxe
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Hi everyone!
I’m super ecstatic to announce that my new album MAKE IT A SUNNY DAY is FINALLY ready! But you have 7 days to get 7 FREE Songs first (alternate takes) and the right to 50% DISCOUNT on the actual album at the link above..

This album was a true blast to create and I’m hoping you’ll see why when you listen to it:) I had a lot of great musicians collaborate on it, from Jacopo Martini, Augusto Creni, Maurizio Geri and Tolga During, to Giacomo Tosti Giacobazzi on accordion, Gianni Maestrucci on vibes, Anna Rossi on vocals, Giulio Angori on upright bass and Maurizio Bozzi on electric bass. I experimented a bit more modern sound and arrangements, but in the heart I didn’t want it to lose the manouche imprint.

For this reason, I’ll be officially releasing the album 8 days from now, because I’m giving 7 FREE Songs (alternate takes of the album versions) both in video and mp3 downloadable format. So you have 7 days to listen in on more than half the record and you can keep these versions for FREE, and if you decide to purchase the album within these 7 days, you get 50% DISCOUNT on the full album!
Give the 7 FREE Songs and Videos a try and let me know what you think, help me spread the word if you like..
An example:


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