Considering to buy my first Gypsy Jazz guitar - question about upgrades and pickups



  • the bug.....enjoy the ride....I have certainly enjoyed mine
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
  • Congrats! That's very exciting. You'll be so much happier with the Nomade than you would've been with other choices. I wish I had just taken the plunge and skipped getting the Gitane, tho I reckon its good to have a backup.
  • jwpfeiferjwpfeifer Phoenix, Arizona✭✭ Dupont Nomade
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    I received the Nomade just before Christmas and I've been playing it every day since it arrived. I'm hooked. I can't stop playing it. I'm loving the tone of this guitar and it's so cool to have a guitar that is actually made for Gypsy Jazz playing. I invited my brother to come by with is upright bass and practiced playing through some La Pompe style rhythm for several tunes that we know together. He was blown away by the sound of this guitar, and it sounds so cool with the upright playing behind it.

    Now it's time to get to work on my technique, which is the main reason I wanted to get into this style. Does anyone have any recommended etudes or picking exercises that I should consider? I have a few Gypsy Jazz DVDs that I'm working on from and I've been learning some great things from those. I've transcribed one Django tune (Django's Tiger) which was a lot of work but I learned so many great lines from that effort. I need to learn more tunes.

    So glad that I bought this guitar. It's really helping my music overall. Can't wait to write some new tunes and use this guitar as one of the main sounds in the track.

  • pickitjohnpickitjohn South Texas Corpus, San Antonio, AustinVirtuoso Patenotte 260
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    Congratulations on your New Dupont Nomade so glad your stoked by it. Great choice for your First Guitar it should cut down the GAS (Guitar Accusition Syndrom) that sometimes happens.
    Sounds like you've been busy, good for you.
    I seem to do my best learning by choosing the songs I would must like to play and replay them on my road trips Visiting Kids and Grandkids. Are you using any slow down transcription software? Amazing Slow Downer is one.
    Soundslice is Phenomenal...

    There are Tons of Previous Post here and you can use the search feature for instant response of OLDER DISCUSSIONS.

    Nice feature at the bottom right hand corner of page is RELATED DISCUSSIONS

    Enjoy :peace:
  • Look at stuarts links for newbies post. There is a ton of info there.
  • jwpfeiferjwpfeifer Phoenix, Arizona✭✭ Dupont Nomade
    Posts: 21
    Thanks so much guys!
    Yes, I'm using an application to slow down the music so that I can learn the lines phrase by phrase. I'm using an application called Best Practice, and it seems to work really well. I actually started working on the Django transcription several months back and finished it before I got my new guitar. That was part of what prompted me to get the Nomade because my Taylor acoustic was fighting me every time I'd try to play up higher on the neck. I was only trying to learn a few Django lines to help add some new things I could use in other styles of music. Then I decided that I wanted to learn a lot more about this style and dig deeper.

    Thanks for those links, I'll look through those and see what I can find. I'm amazed at the amount of great Gypsy Jazz players I'm finding on Youtube from all over the globe. I was lucky enough to see Andreas Oberg when I was in Germany for a business trip a few years ago. It's a shame we don't have more of this kind of music in the US. It's not so common unless you live in place like LA, San Francisco, or New York.

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