Rosenberg DVD for sale or trade.

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Hey everyone I have the DVD of the Rosenberg trio live at Samois in 2003 (the professional one not a bootleg) unfortunately the only DvD player that it would play on no longer lives at my house and I honestly barely watched it when it did. This is not to say that it is not awesome footage of an awesome band but I also Have Mary's video from the same year in NTSC and I can and do watch that. I would really rather trade it than sell it so If anyone has any cool video footage (especially of Parisian players) they would be willing to trade let me know of group. I also have the Birelli DVD in the same format but I plan on rebuying that in NTDC from Michael as soon as finances permitt ( I should quit school and get a custodial job just to feed my GJ habit). so that could also be up for trade soon as weel but I doubt anyone would want it unless you live in europe and getting on from Michael wouldn't work for you. Both DVDs are region free but PAL which means they will work in some American Players and not in others usually the cheaper the DVD player the better chance of it working. Let me know if your interested seeing as I can't really do anything with them.
P.S. they will also work in Computer DVD roms.
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