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Selmac vs. Electric Guitar in Gypsy Jazz



  • Posts: 3,259
    I always loved the electric Django, well as soon as I discovered it in the beginning of me listening to this stuff. While I personally would not go to the gig with anything but my GJ guitar I don't mind listening to the electrics in this genre. Look at Bireli and that what looks like some sort of cheap electric I've seen him on YouTube recently. I mean the guy could afford just about any boutique guitar made and would probably be given one if he asked but he chooses to make music with that one (although I could be wrong, maybe it is a $5000 boutique electric). And he sounds great to me. That's pretty inspirational to me.
    Shows you that in the end it's about making music.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • terrassierterrassier France
    Posts: 101
    I was disappointed when Adrien and Rocky played their electrics at a local(ish) gig ....... the music of course was top notch but I simply dont like the sound as shame in that ;)
    Andrew Ulle
  • Posts: 3,259
    Just went to YouTube to get my fix before sleep and got this suggestion
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • fourowlsfourowls Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaNew Petrarca Grande Bouche
    Posts: 72
    Buco wrote: »
    Just went to YouTube to get my fix before sleep and got this suggestion
    Wow..I would never imagined that! Reminds me a tiny bit of Al De Meola when he plays electric. Interesting ideas here for sure!! Cheers...
  • Posts: 197
    jonpowl wrote: »
    Recently, I've been enchanted by Django's haunting tune, Anouman and discovered these two examples. In this traditional, fast fingered version, Romain Vuillemin & Gustav Lundgren sound fantastic with their selmac guitars.

    In this example from Samois 2015, I'm not sure what to think. Of course the playing is top notch, although Telecaster player on rhythm, seems quite busy. Romane's guitar, as unique as it is, sounds passable, but just. The Telecaster is almost like taking a "hooker to church", and the jazz box sounds like, er, uh, a jazz box.

    I'm still new to Gypsy Jazz and really appreciate the sound of the selmac style guitars. To me, they are what make this music so unique. The first time I heard jazz manouche live was Gonzalo Bergara on his Marin (with his quartet), and the sound was amazing. I've heard him a couple of times since on his Holo, equally amazing. I'm guessing Gonzalo could make an inexpensive Cigano sound great. I recently saw Dorado Schmitt on an electric jazz box, and it didn't have the same magic as last year when he played a selmac. What do others think about selmac vs. jazz box in gypsy jazz?

    Hey Jonpowl,
    thanks for your message !! i'm glad you've liked our version of Anouman !!
    There is also a version of us playing "Gypsy Swing" :

  • Posts: 197
    I'd agree also, John. The first duo really does capture what I love about the acoustic sound of these guitars.

    Thanks Bill !
    Love the acoustic gypsy guitar, but it forces you to practise hard how to get the right tone under the left hand and good punch with the right hand !
  • Posts: 197
    woodamand wrote: »
    Archtops sound great to me for most any kind of jazz, but manouche guitars are the best for gypsy jazz. If you have never heard any great unamplifed archtop players like Eddie Lang - well it might just open up some new avenues of music to explore.

    It's true that vintage acoustic archtops allows me to play nice acoustic jazz swing standards, music that can be cousin to django s music

  • Posts: 197
    I feel just as many people in that thread here : electric guitar in gypsy jazz doesn't thrill me because it lack the dynamism. One of the main thing that attracts me in gypsy jazz is the percussive sound (nearly as flamenco guitar) that Django, Tchavolo etc can reach on acoustic Selmacs.. No electric can recreate this pure joy of sound !!
    MichaelHorowitzAndrew Ullejonpowl
  • normjohnsonnormjohnson ca
    Posts: 8
    Gotta love Bola Sete's Electric sound. The first track on this album is "Brazil" and I think even Django's eyes would light up if he heard the Glissandos Bola performs (without a pick!)

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