New Gypsy Jazz lesson Youtube channel!

Hello Everyone!
I want to tell you all about my new Gypsy Jazz guitar Youtube channel, "GypsyJazzUncut"! My channel is for all of those wishing to improve their Gypsy Jazz Guitar soloing and I have just completed the first of my "mini-series" which I am very happy about.

The "Break-down" "mini-series" that I will be uploading will deal with learning by taking a solo, breaking it down and looking at/learning a small chunk of the solo in every short video, with the aim being to have learned the whole solo by the end of the series.

The "Lick Library", is a section on my channel where I will upload many very short videos of "Gypsy Jazz licks". As I said, the videos will be very short and simply consist of myself playing through the lick once at full speed and then a couple of times slowly. Each video will have a name for example "2-5-1 in CMAJ lick" or "E7 lick" so you know what chord to play the lick over. They will also say the difficulty of the lick in brackets - (Beginner), (Med), (Hard). The idea is to have a resource that you can just dip into when you feel like learning a new lick.

I will be working on new ideas for series and other content as the channel progresses - there are so many areas to explore in gypsy Jazz! I will also be uploading one-off videos when ever I feel there is something useful that I have to share.

Anyway, I would be very grateful if you guys would have a look at my new channel and if you like what you see, please do subscribe to help support the channel and to keep updated with all my latest content .
Cheers! :)


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