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How to play the Minor Blues lick (2 fingers)



  • Posts: 3,665
    Yeah when I saw that I said "damn this guy!?"
    He does it in such awesome way, so effortlessly.

    Anyway, this is what I meant

    If I do C to Eb notes on the B string I can hear myself doing a slide and this way it's less of it. Although this isn't nowhere near well played, the last of the faster ones is better than the rest.
    Wim Glenn
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • OwlCaponeOwlCapone New
    Posts: 11
    I play it all on the neck. Start from the B string, starting at the 10th fret, and after the wee chromaticism play the arpeggio "horizontally", 2 note per string, django style, without using open strings. It simplifies the picking and I have a big hand so it's no problem for me.
  • NylonDaveNylonDave Glasgow✭✭✭ Perez Valbuena Flamenca 1991
    edited October 2016 Posts: 450
    Maybe consider string skipping ?

    First downstroke for high A pull off to the Ab and and upstroke on G on the first string this will set up a consistent Down up Pattern on strings one two four and five.

    So Eb(D)C(U)A(D)G(U) and then the string skip.

    Play the low Eb on the fifth string using the upstroke from the G string to skip over the fourth.

    Play the low A on the sixth string which will give you an efficient right hand pattern with one sweep from A(6) to C(5) which will then reset the right hand to play a consistent down up pattern for the two notes per string ascending, again the upstroke on the A string (Eb) will set you up to jump over the D string to play the open G.

    This fingering eliminates consecutive down stroke and can be played with two fingers if you like. Good luck.
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