Django photo required for local paper article

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I need a picture of Django to illustrate an article for a local resident newspaper about the history of gypsy jazz. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a fee free (public domain) photo
? The photographer/rights owner will be credited. Thanks.


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    I suspect with the latest international treaties it will be similar in other countries, but here in Australia copyright generally expires after fifty years. A photographer may register copyright on his own work, and in the unlikely event he is still alive and in business, he may renew that copyright after fifty years, but generally any photos published by whatever means become public domain after that period. There are many photo agencies and picture libraries who will 'sell' you a copy for a fee but technically that can only be a finders fee as they usually do NOT own copyright, even if they have the negative or an original print. Many professional photographers today work with agencies who look after and protect their work and collect royalties where applicable, but as Django died in 1953 it is obvious that any photos of him are older than that limit.
    It is common as a general courtesy to acknowledge the source if known, but even that can be hard to ascertain, there are many well known photos of Django that have been used in various publications, on record and CD packaging and on posters, often with no credit given.
    I had to look into this recently as I published a book that needed illustrations from the first half of the 20th century. Check carefully, but that is the general rule for photographic copyright here.
    Ray Bartlett
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    That's great info. Thanks for responding.
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