Django's hand technique analyzed in academic paper



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    He also at times played painful fingerings because it is the sound he wanted.

  • RipRip olympia, washingtonNew
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    The chordal work does seem to be more impressive. True visionary. Stephane always quotes Django as saying that he sees music like Back, "from the bass". If you put an C in the bass while playing a C6, then it's a C6, but if you put an A in the bass, then it's an A-7. You could also just say that they are different inversions of each other, but that shows how the bass can determine a landscape. By looking at music from the bass, the options for harmonic direction and modulation become greater.

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    Ha ha. Buco was just reminding me today of Thelonius Monk's oft cited opinion that a half-diminished chord is really just a minor chord with a 6th in the bass.

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    I think his opinion was much stronger than that, something like "there is no such a thing as half-diminished chord. There's only a minor chord with a 6th in the bass". It does have a potential to simplify one's life if you think about it.

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    But sometimes life tends to stay complex, this chord is much more than just an inversion:

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    Einstein said " The way you see the world depends on your point of view and context". From the point of view of a G7 the B-7b5 is a 1st inversion G7add9, From the point of view of a D-6 it's a 3rd inversion, From the point of view of a B-7b5 it's a B-7b5. Since all are true, the only thing that changes is how you see it. I personally tend to just use G dominant scale stuff over all of it, because it helps me to stop thinking, which is part of my prime directive.

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    The scale you use is one thing, the function of the chord another. Function usually does not depend on point of view, but on context. The same chord or it's inversions can be dominant without root, minor subdominant, II in a minor context, depending on the harmonic development (and the note played by the bass).

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    Good point. I was referring to soling. But if I'm playing rhythm guitar on Night and Day in they key of D, most of the time my first chord will be Emin7b5 and not and C7add9. I think that is the kind of thing you are referring to?

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    While it is convenient to say G9 is a Bmi7b5 is a Dmin6th ( and it certainly is a time and technique saver) it is easy to say “ I got this” and not do the necessary time of making sure you are “hearing it”. Once one hears it things really come into focus and that’s a really good day.

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