Jamming at Le Quecumbar, London, UK

JojoJojo London UK
Does anybody in this forum attend this event (every Tuesday)? I've been to the bar twice a few years ago just to see what it was about. However, could folk tell me a little about how its organised? It seemed like there was some organisation i.e certain people would get up and the another group would get up. Is it sorted beforehand which groups will play which numbers? I haven't done a jam before; there seems to be very little else Gypsy jam-wise in London (or am I wrong?)


  • ShemiShemi Cardiff✭✭✭
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    I plan on going to the IGGF this year. I haven't been to jam yet and have been struggling to find time since my boy was born. I've still been practicing quite, and even did a one off gig with a great guy I met that went really well. Oh how cool it would be to be somewhere like Paris with all those jamming opportunities!
  • ShemiShemi Cardiff✭✭✭
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    If anyone ventures to Cardiff and fancies a jam, let me know!lol
  • BillDaCostaWilliamsBillDaCostaWilliams Barreiro, Portugal✭✭✭ Mateos, Altamira M01F, Huttl
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    Talking of the Quecumbar, there are a couple of good gigs there early Feb. with the Rosenbergs to celebrate the venue's anniversary.

    I happen to be in the UK and in London on 6 Feb so I've got my ticket. Anybody else here likely to be there that night?
  • NylonDaveNylonDave Glasgow✭✭✭ Perez Valbuena Flamenca 1991
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    stuart wrote: »
    Gypsy jazzers are a friendly bunch in my experience, and usually glad to find someone else with a selmac and a knowledge of the rep, .

    Can someone get along with perhaps just one or the other ? If one only has one of the two Stuart which do you feel would be most well received ?


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    If a person knows how to play the music well, no one will care much about the guitar you play it on.

    If one just has the to stick to lower level jams. I have always found the community pretty friendly and open though the usual jamming etiquette should be observed, particularly in the higher level jams.
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  • JojoJojo London UK
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    Well, thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, having scoured Facebook, it doesn't seem to have any specific London Gypsy Guitar groups. Checking the internet, the website specifically for Gypsy Jazz in the UK seems to be barely being used (forums etc). It seems that in a city of 8 million people there's very little going on! A name has come up though and I'll contact him for advice as he seems to be in several groups. @Bill Da Costa Williams I'm hoping to get to Portugal in the near future, if you're up for a jam?! (Am seriously thinking " Maybe I should just move to Paris. Or Amsterdam..."
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    I suspect that in big cities it can be harder to find jams than in smaller cones. The bigger the haystack the harder to find the needle. Check with the people who go to the Que. They likely don't bite and even if ones playing isn't up to that level they will know where and who. Ask at music stores, go to concerts and ask.
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
  • ShemiShemi Cardiff✭✭✭
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    I don't know if Hobgoblin music shop is still around, but if it is try asking in there. They sell gypsy guitars, so might be able to help put you in touch with other players or what's going on locally.
  • crookedpinkycrookedpinky Glasgow✭✭✭✭ Alex Bishop D Hole, Altamira M & JWC D hole
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    I'd recommend March Manouche as well. Great little festival.
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  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
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    There is a jam in Pinner once a month that Nigel Wheeler organises. Tim is a fantastic player but he doesn't seem to go out much. Keep an eye out for bands like Cafe Manouche and Trio Manouche. Go to a gig of Daj Dook and introduce yourself to all those cats. There are some world class players of this music in London, like Kourosh Kanani and Giacomo Smith. But yeah, the scene is really small for a city of that size! As for Quecumbar... well.. I will just leave the wise words of Thumper.

    On the plus side, Paris is only a 2.5 hours away on the train ... :):):)
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