Django Night in Highland Park, CA

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I've been booking the third Thursday of every month at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park, CA (between Downtown LA and Pasadena) for about a year now. Mr. T's is a charmingly ratty former bowling alley that's been hosting live music for about fifteen years. I've seen so many amazing shows there, from big deals like Nels Cline and The Breeders to local legends like jazz-punks Saccharine Trust to bizarro local and touring bands that operate way, way under the radar. You never know what you're going to get when you go there...could be one guy and a banjo...could be a ranchera band...could be some underage punk rockers with fake IDs. I've tried to continue this policy on the nights that I book. We've had a choir, a minimalist chamber ensemble, a tango band, a torch singer, free jazz bands, and a whole mess of other stuff.

I'm starting to plan the show for Thursday, June 15, and I've decided to make it a Django Reinhardt tribute night. Instead of our ususal schedule of three bands playing 45-minute sets, I'm looking to fill up the evening with short sets (around 15 minutes) from a whole mess of performers. If you'll be in the LA area on June 15 and feel like coming by to play some tunes written by, played by, or inspired by Django, please send me a PM.

There are a couple of qualifiers I need to mention:

- We never charge a cover on Thursdays, so I won't be able to pay anyone. There is, however, ample space to sell your wares, if you have any.

- I can't say "yes" to everyone. There are a number of reasons I might have to decline, and if I do, know in advance that I'm sorry. Nothing personal.

- There's going to be some weird stuff going on. I'm sure you're all open-minded enough to enjoy (or at least tolerate) less traditional takes on Django's music, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

I think that's it. Again, send me a PM if you're interested in playing or want a bit more information.


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