"Donna Lee" Adrien Moignard & Benoit Convert

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Hi guys,

does anyone out dare have or dare to finish the tab for the cover that these 2 guitar monsters did for Donna Lee?Someone started out a transcription in Soundslice but never ended it up:

Any help will be appreciated.


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    While it's not the solo, I figured out the chords played by Benoit under the head and posted them a while ago here:
    This is well worth studying at slower speeds and working up to tempo as a rhythm workout. Or more accurately, this helped me out.
    BucoJosechikyElí Saúl
  • JosechikyJosechiky
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    Thank you,Jim!I already kept this chord sheet by you,I got it time ago and help me a lot to learn them.Now I am working with the tune and there's no need to say it's really hard stuff that's why I needed extra help with the tab.I know it's not the best way tho learn nothing at all but it is out of my reach by now.These 2 guys are have their fast fingers loaded with heavy fuel!
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    I recently learned Adrien's solo on this version. took me few days tho. I need to figure out a way to share solos with others. I used to use guitarpro and that was great be really time consuming to produce an accurate notated solo. I still haven't figured out the sound slice thing.
  • JosechikyJosechiky
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    Maybe someone else could help us with the several ways of transcribing easily and quickly.I have only tried the handwritten and text format.
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    man if you guys just want the notes and not the rhythm or ornaments, i can transcribe that almost as fast as i hear it, but since i have to go note by note, it wouldn't be at the same speed of the recording.. i'm guessing less than 30 minutes but i'm super busy.

    I wish that the transcriptions that i have to do were that easy
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    That one is easy??? :-)

    I guess easy is a relative thing...
  • JosechikyJosechiky
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    Denis Chang making a transcription for a request done by me?I would be flattered and speechless.
  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
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    Haha, no, you missed where he wrote "but i'm super busy". So probably not an offer to transcribe, but more likely just a flagrant brag ;)
  • JosechikyJosechiky
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    Opps,sorry,I didn't catch the irony :# . :'(
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    It might sound like a brag however there's a lesson in there too. The more you do it, easier it gets. It's a skill. And I believe Dennis was sincere when he said that.
    Especially​ for you @Josechiky if you think this is too advanced for you to transcribe then I'm guessing it's too advanced to play. Tackling the whole thing might be just a source of frustration instead of reward.
    In that case you'd be better off picking a section that you especially like, even a single line or a lick and transcribe that yourself.
    That shouldn't be hard using amazing slow downer or similar program.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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