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Bob Holo Traditional Model Gypsy Jazz Guitar For Sale

I purchased this Bob Holo Traditional model about two years ago. It has a Big Tone Pick-Up professionally installed along with a complete set-up. There is absolutely no fret buzz or any issues of any kind. The action is set fairly low, just under 2 mm. There is not a ding, scratch or even a single pick graze anywhere. This guitar is literally mint condition and ‘show-room new’. I never played it. When I say this guitar has never been played and is in mint condition I mean it. I don’t use the term ‘mint’ lightly. I bought this guitar, put it in my humidity-controlled room where it has sat. This guitar is new and perfect, period.

I don’t ever sell guitars and have a small but beautiful collection of about 36 guitars, all of which I play, except this one. I am selling this one, and this may sound corny (but it’s true) because it genuinely bothers me that this particular guitar is sitting in a case when someone who truly loves gypsy jazz could be creating joy for themselves and others playing it (I have a Shelly Park and Dupont if I get the GJ bug again). No joke, it really does bother me, this should be in the hands of a great player. This is the right guitar for someone who wants to be inspired, is a passionate, serious enthusiast or professional. Or, like me, just has more money than talent…hahahah.

If you truly enjoy the finer things in life and would like to go to this year’s Django In June, your next jam or gig with this beautiful, mint condition, never been played (literally) Bob Holo Traditional Gypsy Jazz guitar shoot me a text or email me at the contact info below for more information and to discuss details.

Best To All,


[email protected]



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