Pierre Mager: new book on two finger style

Did a quick search of the forums and could not find any discussion of Pierre. According to his site he has a book in the works with Django transcriptions optimized for only two fingers.

I've recently committed to practicing with just the two digits and it has really informed my phrasing.

Do you practice two finger style?



  • BonesBones Moderator
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    Hey cool, thanks!
  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
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    Nice! Had never heard of this guy, but he plays it pretty well. I love watching people do the 2-finger thing.

    Had a look on his channel and found another vid, here's blues clair:

  • ivyguitarivyguitar New
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    I'm re-doing the Daniel Givone 25 Pieces book with just the two fingers. I'd say about 90 percent of the licks work and 10 percent need to be adjusted to fit more vertically on the neck.

    What amazes me is the phrasing. I wasn't aware of how subconsciously my ring finger would find the root at the end of almost every lick. Once the ring finger was off limits, the other two fingers are starting to find 6 7 and 9 on their own.
  • edited September 2017 Posts: 4,804
    I love how lazy his right wrist looks, like "I'm not even trying".

    Nice design on that soundhole.

    I've practiced the "I'll see you in my dreams" solo. I thought the left hand would be my limiting factor. It turned out I got that under my fingers fairly quickly (or long depending on the viewpoint), a month, maybe couple of months. But the right hand gypsy picking was and still is the problem, namely those Fmaj descending arpeggios. I still don't pick fast enough with dowstrokes only over those arpeggios, my wrist just isn't getting to that super fast recovery, bouncy wrist territory. Though I'm not even a 100% sure if Django played them with a "new string downstroke" rule. I only assume he did because, well it's Django.
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