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Hi folks, I was in Europe for 10 days last week recording Fapy Lafertin and Bireli Lagrene (not together). During that time, Benji Winterstein, a young rhythm player from Forbach in the east of France canceled an entire week's of gigs in Paris to stay home and organize a big party for me. He spent a fortune with his dad to host this party, where many Gypsy musicians from all over showed up such as Tcha Limberger, Mogeli Geisler, Marcel Loeffler, Sandro Lorier, etc... Antoine Boyer and Samuelito showed up as well. It was probably the best Gypsy Jazz moment of my life.

To thank him for his generosity, I offered to produce a video lesson with him, and this is available on my website for free. No catch whatsoever!

This is also to thank everyone who has made DC Music School possible!

Here's the link:

BTW that party that happened last week was a private party held in the private residence of his dad Popots (Hono's brother). The event was so memorable that the family wants to do it again next year and turn it into some sort of event. If anyone is interested in this rare opportunity to meet and play with the Sinti community in Forbach, please let me know. We're going to do it again next year, and have limited entry to people outside the community. They've asked me to help organize it and do workshops. I'll invite Christiaan van Hemert and Tcha Limberger to help me with workshops, and we'll party with the Forbach community. For those who don't know , the Forbach community produced musicians such as Dorado Schmitt and his sons, Samson, Bronson, and Amati. Hono Winterstein, Timbo Mehrstein, Lulu and Geisela Reinhardt, Mike Reinhardt, Toto Haag, and so many others are from Forbach.
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