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This and that (nothing important)

edited January 2018 in FAQ Posts: 88
Hey... Just wondering about a few small things.

1. Is string discoloration really caused by acidic finger sweat?
2. Is string conditioner (is that the same as string lubricant) helpful for gypsy jazz strings? Or the opposite?
3. Whenever the word "issues" is uttered in a discussion thread, why is it always highlighted in yellow?


[Update]: Question 3 has been addressed at a separate thread:


  • TrevJTrevJ ShropshireNew JWC Selmer replica
    Posts: 15
    Strings are heavily affected by sweat. This includes- body acids, fat, skin and bacteria. If you were to look at a top E string under a microscope it is not as smooth as you thing, it is quite abrasive. This rubs the skin off your fingers along with sweat etc, after a while this concoction starts to eat away at the strings. Wound strings (ie, the bottom E) react in a different way, the windings have a gap between them. The gap fills up with the skin and debris until the string is completely gummed up. This deadens the string, the discoloration of the windings depends on the material (bronze etc). String lubricant plays a significant role in reducing the build up of debris, this allows the string to vibrate freely and reduces discoloration. String lube should be applied to a microfiber cloth and wiped along the whole length of the strings (including beyond the bridge and nut) every time you play the guitar for any period of time. The best string lubricant I have ever come across is "crystal oil". But I am sure any decent string lube will do as long as it does not contain any abrasives for fret cleaning etc.

    I hope this helps with your first 2 points. Best wishes, Trev.
  • Cool! All 3 questions clearly answered by 2 JWC owners. Thanks, guys.
  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Altamira M10
    edited January 2018 Posts: 331
    3. Whenever the word "issues" is uttered in a discussion thread, why is it always highlighted in yellow?


    I don't see the answer to this question. Was the post removed? I've always wondered that myself.

    --Nevermind, just a re-edit here as I saw the other post was pulled out to a difft thread.
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