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Picking angle and picking in general

Hi All

I’m still in the early days of Gypsy Jazz and mainly concentrating on rhythm. However, when it comes to lead - my very weak point - I’m finding that when I’m attempting a scale at any kind of speed the plectrum kind of ‘rubs’ over the string rather than cleanly plucking the string with good tone. I realise that technique is hard earned but I was wondering if anyone has any views on what might be happening? I am playing with approximately 45 degree slant on the pick etc but it’s almost as if as I approach a greater speed even if I play it accurately it sounds more hollow and rubbed rather than sharp.

As an example, I’m attempting Django’s Waltz and in that diminished run in triplets I can play it with good articulation at say 110 bpm but once I get to about 140 bpm it sounds horrible.

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