Does anyone have any methods for learning solos note-by-note?



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    I use Transcribe and to me it is worth paying for.
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    PC version of ASD is a lot more $ then a mobile app. For the difference in price you wouldn't have to add much more to buy a decent Android tablet.
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    I did a little comparing between ASD and Transcribe here. It's the same section of For Sephora, slowed down to 35% on both, first Transcribe then at about 29 sec ASD starts. It might be of help to listen side by side. On rhythm guitar sound of Transcribe is where you can easily hear that flanger effect I mentioned that you hear a lot on all other software engines that I listened to. And it's hard to detect on the ASD processed sound.

    Rhythm section is where ASD is noticeably better and tighter on both bass and rhythm guitar. Solo guitar isn't dramatically different but with clearer background it might be easier to pick out the correct notes when in doubt.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • Nice. It's always good to hear the alternatives that are out there.

    I also use a smartphone app called AudioStretch. Not sure of the cost, but you can isolate,slow down, pitch correct, and export.
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    The best method I have ever heard of which only requires a good ear and knowing where to find the notes on the fretboard, is to sing/whistle/squawk along with the solo til you can sing/whistle/squawk without the music. Then pick up your instrument and figure out the fingering that you want to use for either tonal or performance reasons and play it.
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    @Jazzaferri for sure the way to go. Being able to sing it before you start on the instrument is key.

    But the discussion is about what tool to use to facilitate that process. To slow down, loop, and change the pitch slightly. It's amazing just how much detail and insight you gain just by slowing down the solo.
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    if the notes are coming faster than one can process by all means slow em down BUT dont do it unless you need to. Break them down to bite size chunks if you have to.

    Once I know the notes in my head, I find it so much easier and quicker to write them down and I end up truly knowing the solo. That said there are only a few whole solo's I have ever learned. I will rip phrases from anybody if they really speak to me.
    The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed
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    I'm so bad at that. Perhaps that is why I'm still regurgitating licks.
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    I use an app called Anytune. You can loop and you can slow the speed down, you can also change the pitch if you want to transpose the key . It’s also great just for getting the sound into your ears
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    Just saw that the riffstation software is a free download now (used to be $35 I think):
    Haven't tried it myself yet.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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