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Mandolin: Rest stroke/gypsy picking vs. Alternate picking

edited July 2018 in Mandolin Posts: 3
Not much going on here in the Mandolin section but I figured I'd throw this out there. I'm fairly comfortable/locked-in to alternate picking. The work I'd have to put in to essentially relearn picking for rest stroke/gypsy picking feels like it would be a major set back. I'm curious if anyone would care to share their mandolin experience with either or both picking styles. Does gypsy picking make a major difference for mandolin in the gypsy jazz style? Any examples of mandolin players that use strict rest stroke/gypsy picking? I don't know of any.


  • PompierPompier MarylandNew Cigano GJ-15
    edited July 2018 Posts: 62
    I don't know anything about mandolin technique myself, but according to Denis Chang, gypsy picking is similar to the classical mandolin technique:

    In actual fact, “Gypsy Picking” most likely comes from the Arabic instrument called Oud. The Oud is considered the ancestor of many plucked stringed instruments, such as the guitar. The technique used to play the Oud was then used to play Mandolin in the classical era. This technique is actually described in many mandolin method books from that era.

    I imagine, as with guitar, it makes a difference for volume and tone.
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