which guitar i should buy?

Hi, my name is Gonçalo and I'm from lisboa. I'm a musician and manouche jazz lover and I'm looking for a new guitar for me. At the moment I use a traditional gitane d-500 but I liked to get something better ... what do you guys tell me about the dell'arte oval hole dg-h2 ?! for the value of 700 euros someone advises me a guitar?! greetings!


  • PetrovPetrov ✭✭
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    I've gone from a Gitane D500 to a Altamira antique M01 with a custom bridge and setup. The sound/tone is night and day. Sounds way more authentic and dry.
  • stuologystuology New
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    They are both Asian-made guitars, both good value for the money but when it comes to quality much of a muchness. Whether you prefer the Gitane or the Dell'arte is a matter of taste (same with the Altamira - they can be great guitars but need specialist set-up). A D500 costs about 750 Euros news so I guess it's stating the obvious that you are not going to get a better guitar for the same money new, but there is a lot of variety in the budget models and if you don't get on with your d-500 then the best thing to do is get to a festival and try some. If you can push your budget to about 1000, there are luthier-made guitars being sold on facebook and at festivals all the time, you can get some really good deals because these guitars are tough to pass on privately.
  • ChrisMartinChrisMartin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Di Mauro x2, Petrarca, Genovesi, Burns, Kremona Zornitsa & Paul Beuscher resonator.
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    This same question comes up regularly on here and it usually elicits the same answers, most of which are pointless as they are based on personal preferences. So we get all the usual replies as to why some prefer Gitane/Altamira/Dell Arte/ or many others. Some say the cheap Ciganos can sound as good for even less, while some say save your money until you can afford a real hand-made luthier guitar, but again, whatever the budget it is all down to personal preferences and there is not much to be gained by reading everyone's opinion of what suits them.
    I still believe the main contribution to the sound of any guitarist is in their own hands - literally - the way you play.
    So, the way the left hand holds notes, or vibrato, (or even chokes them), the right hand picking technique, the attack and angle, and where in relation to the soundhole, as well as how you even hold the guitar.
    The name on the headstock is secondary to all of the above.
    So, yes, once past the beginner stage, the only way to find the right guitar for you is to get out and try to find and play as many as possible to judge for yourself.
    This may not be so easy in Lisboa (a favourite city, I must get back for some more Alfama fado....) but there have been a couple of others on here in Portugal who may at least be able to let you try other guitars, and a trip to Paris where you would have the chance to try many in various shops might be a good investment.
    Meanwhile ignore the inevitable recommendations that will be posted here, they will be for guitars that have worked for others which is why there will be as many opinions as players and you will be none the wiser, probably more confused.
  • vanmalmsteenvanmalmsteen Diamond Springs ,CANew Latch Drom F, Eastman DM2v, Altamira m30d , Altimira Mod M
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    Or just buy an Altamira and call it a day
  • Jeff MooreJeff Moore Minneapolis✭✭✭✭ Lebreton 2
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    Goncalo. Chris Martin is largely right. Either you must go to where there is a selection nearest to you, or simply take your chances and order something.
    I have many of these guitars. There is no "good" answer to your question. The quality and value from the Chinese guitars to custom made French guitars is good enough at every price level to be reasonably assured that you get something that will work until you can answer your question for yourself.

    I know how risky ordering something you haven't tried feels, but sometimes it's the best, or the only thing you can do.

    For instance, I ordered 3 Cigano's from Djangobooks for students many years ago. Those guitars all still play pretty well without much help. That's as good as one can expect as every guitar, regardless of price, will change a bit from changes in humidity.
    I've only had one guitar that had a real problem in how it was built and it wasn't a inexpensive one either.
    Also, don't under value your D-500. I really miss the extra frets the longer scale gives, but I found the neck on the D-500 has always been a favorite for me because of the width it has.
    Your pretty safe however you go.
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  • ChrisMartinChrisMartin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Di Mauro x2, Petrarca, Genovesi, Burns, Kremona Zornitsa & Paul Beuscher resonator.
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    My point was just that if you ask that question everyone will have different preferences. What works for one, may not for another. I have bought many guitars untested but that is just my way of satisfying my curiosity as luckily I can afford to take the chance and maybe sell on the ones I did not bond with.
    Some have exceeded expectations, some fell short, but over time I have found at least a couple that work for me. But there is no point me saying what I like best as it will not necessarily fit another's requirements and I would not want to take responsibility for advising somebody else where to spend their money.
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    There's a pretty good sounding Patenotte on the forum for $700.
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